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    Bostons Finest had its debut season last year, (2013) and with all of the success that came to it, the show has been renewed for a second season. This docudrama is based around officers of the Boston Police Department, as it is not a scripted television show, but instead based around actual individuals who work on the front lines in Boston.

    All of the events they had to deal with, from traditional traffic stops to diving for potential missing people in the bay to calling in SWAT teams, Boston’s Finest is one of the up and coming shows on the TNT network. The show is scheduled to return in early 2014, although the current show can be seen on reruns on CNN and on TNT (with varying time frames).

    Currently, the upcoming season does not have a scheduled time slot, although that will be explained in detail later. The television show is produced by Donnie Wahlberg, Seth Jarret and Julie Insogna-Jarret.

    All of the individuals on the show are actual police inside the city. There are no actors or set up situations, and everything is real, as you would come to see it. The most prominent of the individuals on the show was officer Jenn Penton, who just joined the police department from the military after serving in Afghanistan.

    On top of that, there are officers including Diamantino D Araujo and Many Canuto. All of these individuals are expected to be part of the second season, although more individuals are also going to come into the fold, as TNT is looking to bring more individuals from the Boston Police Department onto the program.

    For anyone who loves cop and police dramas, but is tired of seeing it staged, this is the real deal and you are going to see it all on TNT.

    Season 1 Premiered Feb 2013

    Season 2 Premiered Nov 2013

    Season 3 Not yet announced

    Bostons Finest Update:

    Bostons Finest is currently NOT Showing on TNT. Check their facebook page, because at some point they will show re-runs of both seasons.

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