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    Castle TV Show Synopsis

    The Castle TV show is a crime-drama television series that follows the lives of Richard Castle and Detective Kate Beckett. Richard is a highly successful mystery writer, with many best-sellers under his belt. Kate is an NYPD detective. Together they solve the many unusual crimes that happen in New York City. At first, Detective Beckett is not happy to be working a Richard and she tries very hard to keep him away from her. Soon the two start to have romantic feelings and the Castle episodes start to focus more on the romantic tension between them. Another primary focus of the TV show is the unsolved murder of Richard Beckett’s mother.

    Castle TV Show Cast

    Popular Castle cast include the handsome Nathan Fillion as Richard and beautiful Stana Katic as Kate. Other cast members of Castle TV include Jon Huertas as Javier Esposito, Molly C. Quinn as Alexis, Seamus Dever as Kevin Ryan and Susan Sullivan as Martha Rodgers.

    Javier Esposito (Jon Heurtas) is a former Army Special Forces sniper who now works on the homicide division on Beckett’s team. He always has a sarcastic comment and keeps Beckett on her toes. He notices the attraction between Kate and Richard right away. There are many other colorful characters on the Castle TV show and it is indeed a must-see.

    Where and When to Watch Castle

    It is convenient to watch this great show online at any hour of the day; this is great for those who work during the shows normal broadcast time. It is easy to watch Castle online on places like Hulu and ABC or tune in every week to see a brand new episode on TNT. A great place to watch this show is on www.tntdrama.com, just look for the correct category to begin watching.

    Sometime around September 6, 2013 season 6 will begin, there has not been an official announcement as of yet. However, reruns can be seen every Sunday at 10pm on ABC and at various times on TNT. Look for marathon showings on TNT and if this does not work, simply log on to the internet to see previous episodes at any time.


    Update: Castle TV Schedule 2014

    Castle Season 7 begins on ABC Monday September 29, 2014

    Castle TV Show -re-runs and repeats are still available on the TNT Network seasons 1 to 5.  All new seasons and season 7 have to be watched on ABC, see Castle TV schedule

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