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    King and Maxwell

    Rebecca Romijn from King and Maxwell

    King and Maxwell on TNT

    This hit TV show called; king and maxwell is about a couple of x-secret service agents who decide to use their skills to become exceedingly efficient private investigators. Combine this with the undeniable chemistry between them in king and Maxwell, and I can see why they decided to make this show.

    Rebecca Romijn pictured here, plays the role of Michelle Maxwell and Jon Tenney plays as Sean King, in this hit TV show king & maxwell. Both of which are fantastic actors in my opinion. Other actors include; Chris Butller in the role of FBI agent Darius Carter, Dichen Lachman as Benny, Ryan Hurst as Edgar Roy, and Michael O’keefe as FBI agent Frank Rigdby.

    All of these actors blend nicely in king & Maxwell. Creating what I like to call a super awesome cast! Let’s face it, if the cast sucks the show sucks. Luckily for this show, they don’t suck. Let me break it down for you. Hot actress x-secret service busting crime with tough guy Sean King also x-secret service… what more can we ask for. This hit TV show is based off the book and is in the genre of drama. It was filmed in: Vancouver, British Columbia, and Canada and can be seen on TNT…no not the red stick that goes boom! The TV station TNT.

    The next new episode can be watched on Aug 5 10:00 pm.

    If however you want to catch other episodes, you can see the episode called; Job Security, on Fri, Aug 2 11:45pm and again on Sat, Aug 3 at 9:00 am.

    If you miss the new episode on Aug 5th, you can catch it again on Tue, Aug 6th 12:00am. king & maxwell TNT is a must see. So don’t miss out. Even if you are new to the whole crime drama TV scene, you have to give this one a try.


    King and Maxwell 2014 Schedule – Canceled

    Sorry TNT fans, TNT Network have canceled further seasons of King and Maxwell. There was only ever one king and Maxwell season.


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