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    The Major Crimes

    The Major Crimes

    TNT Major Crimes

    The TNT Major Crimes television series is a spin-off of The Closer and premiered on August 13, 2012. This TNT major crimes show depicts criminal activity and the police procedures involved in solving each crime.

    As TNT’s television series The Closer came to an end in 2012, fans were left with Deputy Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson, of the LAPD, leaving her position on the force. Her replacement, Captain Sharon Raydor (McDonnell) was selected to take over the position of head of the Major Crimes Division. She is forced to deal with the issues of gaining the trust of each of her officers all while attempting to solve some of the departments most important cases. This takes place during the first season of the Major Crimes TNT series.

    Captain Raydor is forced to go through many changes, some of which occur in her own home, and must learn to become the guardian of the key witness in the department’s Stroh case, Rusty Beck (Martin). Raydor decides to provide Rusty with an opportunity to attend the Catholic high school that her own children attended, paying for the education personally. A bond is built between the two throughout season one. Season two brings in DDA Emma Rios as a big part of the prosecution team involved in the Stroh case.

    The Major Crimes cast is a great team that seems to work together extremely well. This becomes more and more evident as the show progresses. The Major Crimes TNT cast includes:

    Mary McDonnell – Captain Sharon Raydor

    G. W. Bailey – Detective Lieutenant Louie Provenza

    Tony Denison – Detective Lieutenant Andy Flynn

    Michael Paul Chan – Detective Lieutenant Michael Tao

    Raymond Cruz – Detective Julio Sanchez

    Kearran Giovanni – Detective Amy Sykes

    Phillip P. Keene – Civilian Surveillance Coordinator Buzz Watson

    Graham Patrick Martin – Rusty Beck

    Jonathan Del Arco – Deputy Medical Examiner Dr. Morales

    Robert Gossett – Assistant Chief of Operations Russell Taylor

    Nadine Velazquez – Deputy District Attorney Emma Rios

    Jon Tenney – FBI Special Agent Fritz Howard

    The show is in the middle of another fantastic season and can be viewed every Monday Night at 9:00PM on TNT. Don’t miss out on another action packed episode. Watch Major Crimes tonight!


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