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    tnt rizzoli and islesRizzoli and Isles are back for an explosive fouth season.

    TNT created a hit when they put together the Rizzoli & Isles series pairing two women who solve mysteries has proved successful in the past. Cagney and Lacey, a successful show of the 80s, was one such television series. While Cagney and Lacey followed the lives of two policewomen, Rizzoli & Isles changes things up by pairing the medical element with the police element.

    This creates an interesting dynamic as detective Jane Rizzoli and medical examiner Maura Isles solve crimes while remaining friends, though they are opposites in almost every area of their lives. Add in family members who move in and out of the stories and you have a series that catches and sustains audience attention.

    Angie Harmon plays the edgy, independent, action oriented and somewhat prickly Rizzoli who is not afraid to go after the the bad guys–no matter what that may take. She is the daughter of an overprotective Italian mother who does not quite understand this daughter who is not afraid of murder and mayhem and has the ability to untangle mysteries surrounding murders to uncover the perpetrator. However, Rizzoli would not find all the pieces without the Commonwealth of Massachusetts’ Chief Medical Examiner, Isles.

    Sasha Alexander plays the character of Isles, a forensic expert in the Boston Police Department who is very different from her detective friend. Though she spends her days dissecting bodies and is more comfortable with the dead than with the living, she is intelligent, honest to a fault and always dresses as though headed to a high-society affair. She discomforts people when she doesn’t know how to filter her words to make what she says more sensitive and less harsh. She was adopted as a baby by wealthy parents and did not know her real parents until her background is revealed in the course of working on a case.

    Together, Rizzoli & Isles make an unbeatable team. While the show is a drama, character interactions adds humor. Other regular characters include Rizzoli’s mother and brothers as well as officers in her department.

    The Tv show can be found on Tuesday nights at 9/8 central time on TNT.

    Now in it’s 5th season!


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